It is up to you!  Having a professional massage is quite a memorable but also an intimate experience, so you shoud answer this question, “who I want us my massage therapyst”.

Usually men are stronger than female, the important part is to call someone professional.  Another important issue is the technique, because is not the gender of the attendant but the knowledge what makes a good massage.

Some ideas:

Guys who have never have a massage with a male attendant:  Try first a BACK-NECK AND SHOULDERS ONLY” massage.  You can wear sweatpants.  You may need someone strong to help you relax those tensed areas.

If you want to have a full body massage, think of those areas of your body you don´t want me to massage and tell me.  Usually chest, face and gluteus are some of the areas you may want out of the massage altought face and gluteus massage are quite relaxing.

For my women clients:

What I offer is a professional only service, anyway you can visit me with a friend if that would help you feel more secure during the sesion.

Usually my women clients are covered with a towell ( they may be naked or wearing underwear), I will give you your privacy when you undress, and when I ask you to turn over, it is you who manages the towell, and my sight will be pointing to somewhere else.

Although there are some breast relaxing movements, I won´t manipulate your breast unless you are naked not wearing a towell and you ask for it.  If this is your case, you have two options, ask for a relaxing breast massage or an stimulating one.  They are different.



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